Britain’s got talent

I am sure Britain has got talent, loads of it, but England has a bit, certainly in the football department. Surely after too much country under achievement from our so called ‘Golden Generration’, this time round the players will play each game as if it were their last. Cole A, Terry, Gerrard, Rooney and Co have all had their share of the inevitable tears after pens (and not just for England).

Let’s hope that the old fashioned paper press lays off for a change, and the rumours that the respected weekend journal, The News of the World, will lay off our new skipper tomorrow. For once if our football journalists have some dignity, maybe our footballers will do the same. Certainly there seems to be a difference this time round. After all, it is often said that a fish rots from the head. With Mr Capello at the head, there is zero chance of that happening.

Meanwhile over on ITV……switch over to BBC2 and see what the members of the BEF at Dunkirk had to endure.  Check out the Little Ships by Dan Snow. A great way of spending an hour.

Meantime, just getting my shoes sorted out for the trip


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  1. scally

    for an aging casual very poor array of trainies mate
    (apart from your infamous stan smiths)

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