Countdown; World Cup 2010 – South Africa – Greatescapers get ready

I am on the verge of my 7th World Cup following England and I must admit the excitement is building, fast. If the last 2 World Cups are anything to go by, following England will be a pleasant experience, rather than a test of  endurance and sometimes nerves. Plenty of scare stories are knocking around, but I am always a ‘brightside’ person and can only look forward to a completely new experience. A World Cup in Africa and the realisation of many dreams. Anyway, more of that stuff when I am actually ‘on site’. Today I am at home in the Cotswolds, tending the plants and trying to catch up on work ie trawling through thousands of emails and panicking, just a tad.

News of the day? More pre tournament injuries. To add to the awful news abouit Rio yesterday, three more top players have gone down with injuries today which look like they will keep them from taking part. John Obi Mikel, Didier Drogba and Arjen Robben. How many more players will we lose before kick off next Friday?

Off to think about packing. email, Twitter and Facebook…..

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