The wonder of technology

So this is a direct post from my iPhone using the WordPress App, just testing everything out.

How things have moved on. In 2002 I lugged my old HP laptop to Japan for the World Cup and struggled with a 56k connection and all sorts of hassle, regularly phoning the IT department at work and pissing everyone off. Blogs did not really exist, so it was done as a mass email to selected contacts via laptop.

Then at the European Championships in 2004 (Holland & Belgium) armed with a series 1 Blackberry (still a classic and a game changer) I sent emails via that baby. But group email was tough and unreliable.

Things moved on somewhat in 2006 (Germany) and we sent updates to our website by email via Blackberries. Pics were a little more tricky! A good friend then manually updated the website and voila we had a website, sort of in real time.

So now in 2010 we are hoping to get real time updates using the completely brilliant WordPress service and our iPhones. Plus as we update on Twitter, abracadabra and the tweets appear on the site. As we post to this site via the iPhone App, so it appears on Facebook. Mindblowing. So pressing send now and hoping for the best ;-))


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