ABBA Arrival

So here we are in Johannesberg, 8.30am and the place is packed with English and Mexicans (my third team). Once we hit our digs we will get the blog up for the day. This is it, the excitement is building. Like Christmas as a kid.



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4 responses to “ABBA Arrival

  1. Cecco Quattrostelle

    Andrew / Kirsty,
    I have been watching everything on the TV so far. Just watched the last of today’s matches, with Germany thumping Australia 4-0. If England qualify in second from their group and the Germans win theirs, they will play each other in the next round. The Germans really look up for it, so England will need to pull out all the stops and start performing.
    My lot will play tomorrow, so I will breaking out the valium in plenty of time before kick-off at 20.30 Hrs (CET) Glad you are both having fun in South Africa and remember, we love you, so stay safe. I’ll write back after England’s next game. Befana, Befana and all that but, far more importantly, FORZA ITALIA !!!

  2. Cecco Quattrostelle

    Hey up cousins!
    Disaster for Italy….. Siamo fuori…!!! (We are out)

    Our lack of passion more than made up for a lack of ability and one or two injuries. We are out because we didn’t play well and seemed to take it for granted we would qualify.

    The ‘offside’ decision which cost us one goal cannot be bleated about as we should have beaten at least one of the sides in our group to start with. So it was a case of too little, too late.

    It’s a full rebuild for the Azzurri then, but a history of six final appearances and four wins is more than enough to live in hope of future success.

    Good luck against Germany!

    (Brazil and Argentina look really good, and maybe Holland will be a surprise….. Wow, I just love the World Cup!!!)

    Stay safe, see you both soon!
    Check/Cecco/Cesco etc.

    • We are all now together as one family again. Dumped out of the World Cup. I bet Italy sort their problems out before. England do though. Tell Cassie I want a full lowdown on Brazil for the next one. And boy do they look clinical in front of goal! See you at the party for sure! Come on Ghana Bafana!

  3. Cecco Quattrostelle

    Total role reversal of 1966 in the 2010 Germany game. A goal which DID cross the line and the same argument of ‘it didn’t matter in the end anyway, as another two goals were scored by the winning team.’ We all know how a teams spirit can be broken by a disallowed goal at such a crucial time. Tevez’s first goal against Mexico was two yards offside, but given, while Italy’s goal was disallowed when a replay showed the attacker as level. No benefit of the doubt applied here then? Shame though, the best football competition in the World still allows some 2nd rate officials to be present. As for the Refs, Howard Webb shines above all of them. Hope he gets the final. Go, go Ghana! Yep, cheered loads when they won, especially since they lost the services of Essien for the campaign. This the kind of passion which was lacking in our team. Sure we clawed back two goals against Slovakia, but that was desperation, not passion. Too little, too late and back home we go, to face the music and rotten tomatoes. The finalists of 2006 both eliminated in the group stages of 2010? Amazing, but France looked in a worse state than we did, from the playing field to the dressing room. Brazil look very good, but nobody has really tested their defence yet, as they are too busy trying to stop the attacking onslaught. The Brazilian fans are shouting ‘Hexa’ at every game now, hexa meaning ‘six’, to include the 2010 title. I would not argue with this. Germany look good too, just like in 2006 (and most of the other tournaments) but Argentina are starting to really look the part, even if Messi hasn’t fired up yet and Veron seemed an odd choice for inclusion in the side. Spain and Portugal look vulnerable, but Holland might be close to their 1974/78 best. As for Italy, it’s a case of rip, strip and rebuild. No excuses, we were awful, disallowed goal or not. However, if this experience prevents future Italian teams from becoming complacent, some benefit might be gained from the 2010 debacle. ‘What doesn’t kill you, can only make you stronger’ applies to the England team as well so, just like Arnie’s ‘Terminator’, we will both be back. I’m looking forward to seeing Japan, Portugal, Spain and Paraguay thrash it out later today. As we are both ‘out’ we can at least enjoy the rest of the World Cup without further stress!

    Respect to the A, and love to the K. Look after yourselves!!!

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