The Rainbow Nation

We have arrived at Dom’s ‘flat’ which is actually bigger than our house.Suffice to say that it seems like the whole of South Africa are so excited about the World Cup, and everyone you talk to wants it to be a great advert for their nation. So far the vibe is very good.

We are currently on the roof terrace in bright sunshine and all we can hear is Vuvuzelas, thousands of ’em. Bafana Bafana (the South AfrIcan football team) are parading through Johannesburg today to get their supporters hyped up even more.

Just by way of a tribute to this Rainbow Nation, I thought I would bring my T-shirts in rainbow colours. Ok I am missing a yellow one, but you get the point.



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2 responses to “The Rainbow Nation

  1. scally

    Hiya Mate
    as your sitting on your sunny terrace in SA I’m at my desk over looking the Bobby Moore statue at Wembley with the cross of St George blowing in the wind behind him. Finally begining to look forward to the world cup…. Nice array of Lacoste polo’s fella…

  2. Andy Pandy

    It is all relative, this is going to be an ‘interesting’ trip to say the least… far so good though. Plenty of Uwe Seelers.

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