Kick off

Just met up with the Evas and Dave. How did that happen they are sitting three seats along. 15 mins to go. Nervous? Not a bit.



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2 responses to “Kick off

  1. Hi everyone,
    Good to see photos that all arrived safely. Carloine and I have had informational texts from steve and Alan, maybe next time ‘how are you’! might go down well ha ha. Have passed blog details on to various fans. Love reading it all. Looks fantastic. Sounds fantastic out there. Jed and I went to pub with Caroline to watch game Glad we had nothing claret and blue on!!!!. Feel for Rob Green.

    Love Mitch.

  2. Nanny, Leah, Ben and Pop

    Looks great, lots of excitment, nannys decked her bungalow with england flags lol. she looks like a right pikey. The only pickey in the village lol!!!!
    Missing you loads… NOT!!!!!!!
    Have fun Be Safe….
    Love us xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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