On the road to Platinum City

En route to Rustenberg, 7 of us in the car with me in the boot, trussed up like a turkey at Christmas. Chris and Simon, mates of Dom and Evertonians have flown in from England this morning. I would love to tell you what the scenery is like, trouble is I cannot actually see out of the windows, ok that’s an exaggeration, I can see out of the back window, but only up and I can report the sky is a wonderful light blue – think old school Coventry City or Manchester City shirts.

Plenty of chat up front, what the ANC are doing what they have done and what they will achieve in the years to come. Someone has mentioned District. 9 which is apparently based on a place called District 6 in the 1960s.

Various texts from Steve Eva who is with little brother Alan and Big Dave Mulhry. They are in a Fan Fest 20km outside Rustenberg. Can’t wait to get out of this boot. I really can’t.


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