World Cup kick off

Here we go…the start of the 2010 South African World Cup! (Kirsty’s blog)

The morning started when we were awoken at 6am by the sound of vuvuzelas and car horns out in the street, the excitement is palpable (by the way, the noise never stopped it’s just got louder and louder throughout the day!)
We decided to watch the opening ceremony and the first game of the tournament in a local bar and there wasn’t a shortage of places to choose from, the world and his dog (literally, dogs have been seen wearing South African shirts) are out in force for this historical moment, the excitement has reached fever pitch and the South Africans are quite rightly seriously proud to be the hosts of one of the biggest sporting events in the World.
After an brilliant afternoon watching South Africa vs Mexico in a local bar with Jules, our ears have just about become accustomed to the deafening din of vuvuzelas in a small bar. Being South African I thought Jules would be fine with the sound of vuvuzelas but she admitted that she found them really loud and she visibly jumped every time there was an unexpected blast. When South Africa scored, Johannesburg and everyone at Soccer City in Soweto and I’m sure the rest of the country went properly bonkers, I’ve never seen anything like it! This country has whole heartedly welcomed the World Cup and everyone young or old, football fans or not are excited and sporting green and yellow, blowing vuvuzelas and beeping horns, so imagine the reaction when SA scored! I found myself in a sea of yellow and green dancing and shouting and as soon as the match was over the vuvuzelas stopped and the dancing started, suddenly everyone throwing shapes, break dancing, street dancing and generally showing off their moves in the middle of a large circle of dancing, clapping and singing, every couple of minutes someone would be pushed into the centre to show off their moves and at one point Andy was beckoned towards the centre. You literally have never seen me move so fast to grab him and contain him…I’m sure quite a few of you have seen him dance, it can only be described as a unique style all of his own design. I just wasn’t sure that this crowd of young South Africans break dancing and shakin’ their booties on the dancefloor were really ready for Andy throwing his unusual shapes (if you’ve seen him dance, you’ll know what I mean when I say ‘pursed lips and fingertips’)

Anyway, after a thouroughly enjoyable afternoon of copious amounts of local beer, fantastic football and enthusiastic dancing we headed home, tired and emotional.

The first day of the tournament has got off to a flier.



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2 responses to “World Cup kick off

  1. Ralfi

    great lyrics & pics.
    Especially I love the pic of the two Mexicans.
    Enjoy and take care

  2. john

    Hi Kirst
    Glad your keeping Mr Payne in check. I did hear he was in contact with Diversity, need to check out his new moves when your back ;0)

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