Cape Town Capers

Cape Town Capers! (Kirsty’s blog) – Tuesday 15th June – posted Thursday 17th June

We had a great flight down from Joburg to Cape Town and arrived in glorious sunshine (don’t know what eveyone was on about saying it’s deep mid winter!), it’s my first time in Cape Town and I wasn’t expecting it to look so European and more than a bit colonial. We arrive at our lovely boutique hotel which we found last minute a couple of days ago and after a quick change, set off in a cab to find fun and frolics.

F’n’F aren’t hard to find as we met up with ‘the boys’! If you read the Germany World Cup 2006 blog then you might recognise Eva Major aka Swampy (due to his recycling duties in Germany), Eva Minor (his little bruv), Dave and Jimmy. Laughter soon followed and we were regaled with stories of their various foibles which have been discovered recently since sharing accomodation. Steve/Eva Major has been accused of being a shower dodger as no one had witnessed him take a shower that morning, so unfortunately it’s looking likely that he’ll have to be called Swampy again (he was also accused of snoring like a drain). Though perhaps not the most alluring image that the boys conjured up, is of Dave striding out of the bathroom absolutely starkers apart from copious amounts of tissue paper all over his face where he’d cut himself shaving. As Eva Major said, he has no idea how he survives to live another day each morning with such a heavy blood loss! Mind you, both of the Eva brothers have been a bit razor shy and it looks like they haven’t shaved since arriving in South Africa, earning the nickname Grisly Adams for the pair of them. As I patiently took the usual amount of superflous stick about being a female at football, how I shouldn’t be there and that’s it’s a waste of a ticket, I’d like to take this vindictive opportunity to point out how much Alan/Eva Minor looks like Reg Varney from ‘On the Buses’ (he really does though!)

We left the pub and went to a fantastic restaurant, screen for football, great seafood, gorgeous wine and so much laughing I had face ache again.

We’ve heard from Dom, Nat and Pilks on their marathon tour and to add to their mammoth drive across country, not only have they been diverted for 100k due to an accident closing the road, they then hit roadworks and to add insult to injury it then started to snow…in Africa! They will all deserve a medal when they get back, by then they will have been to 7 games in 7 days all over the country by car.

By the way, it’s absolutely f f f f f freezing here too!!! I’m having to wear my goose down Kilimanjaro coat, might suit England on Friday, in fact I’m hoping both the traditional British weather here in Cape Town, coupled with a ball behaving itself normaly at sea level really will suit our boys on Friday.

Full day touring the numerous vineyards tomorrow, wine tasting, a bit more wine tasting, some scenery and errr a lot more wine tasting before the host nation’s big game in the evening :o)

Back soon,

Kirst – stings like a butterly, bruises like a peach



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4 responses to “Cape Town Capers

  1. HI Kirsty,

    Glad you’ve all finaly cought up with each other. Eva minimus is franticaly making calls and telling me to book him flights apparently passed all his exams amazing what you can do when South Africa is the carrot.
    Any way keep up the funny stories. Jed and I are going pub with Caroline and the kids again tomorrow to watch the game. Let the Eva’s know we’re ok!! xx

    • We are having a ball MItch – Alan and Steve have bought some magic tricks, maybe to get Minimus out to SA. Behind with our blogs, but hope to cathc up tomorrow – it has been so busy!! Andy xx

  2. Sis K

    Have a great time, will call and update Mum later. Missing you both! Looking forward to the match tomorrow, even me!!!! xxx

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