Twin Peaks

Wednesday 23rd June (published 23rd June Andy’s blog)

After a dodgy night’s sleep I have woken up at 7am. Nervous, tense and frankly a little depressed. The adventure ends or starts today in reality as England are in the knock outs a game earlier than planned. Worries about over sleeping were needless, given we are under the flightpath to the airport and just the other side of the railway lines in the strip of land between shore and docks.

The local TV is dissecting Bafana Bafa exit from the World Cup and also theorising how the local population will take the situation. Talk of locals now reverting back to crime and ‘trying to make the most of the tourist Rand’ seem a little far fetched, but what do I know? Also plenty of talk about what will happen should England follow Bafana Bafana out of the competition, some commentators fearing mass riots and civil unrest! Not really sure that will happen, although it has done plenty of times in the past of course.

Breakfast is essential on match days given the uncertainty of when you will next eat and how much beer one can drink. The boys had had a good sleep, all bar Alan who had resorted to sleeping in the bath, given the unearthly sounds from the nostrils of Steve and Dave. Poor old Alan, he is by his own admission a ‘light sleeper’. At least everyone is still laughing, and Jack won’t stop nagging Steve about his deal. That is set to run and run…

Breakfast on the sea front – matchday -the World Cup – beers and laughs – what’s not to like? Other than it is England and we are in the docks!

At least this afternoon although a do or die game, win or go home, we will not have another ‘exit by penalty shoot out’. This fact alone gives me hope we will progress to the next round, play the Germans and start taking this World Cup seriously. England need big games. Fab has kissed John and made up, or maybe the other way round and I am sure David has given them both tips on man management and contrition. Lose to the Twin Peak shirted Slovenians and Terry and Capello will get hung out to dry. It really is as simple as that. Glad I am here and not at home where the atmosphere following yesterday’s budget will get even more depressed!


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