D.A. Go!

Klose but no cigar Diego. Poor bloke, after 24 years we still have not avenged that act of cheating, but it was lovely to see you slaughtered. Mullered son, mullered out of sight. No one likes you and now no one cares. Hats and helmuts off to ze Germans, you played wonderful football and thoroughly deserved to win this game. Now go out and win the whole thing!

Deutschland. Alles. Go. D A go!

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  1. Ralfy

    brilliant analysis I have read on your site.
    Please allow myself to add some comments.
    Yes, it has been a great tournament for Germany, outing myself as German now , so far. And I can assure you that NO ONE in this country- mad- about- football, has expected a performance such impressive as this one.
    Argentina “klosed” – I would say.
    You are perfectly right in reflecting the way that this national team has gone through. Strengenth the youth had been decided, and now you can experience the output. Having said that, it comes to my mind that I do believe the german U 21 team made their title against England – right ? So it might be interesting to compare, how many of this english team mates are in the national squad right now. For Germany, it is like 7 players, not mentioning some talented guys like Mats Hummels, who has not been appointed by Jogi ( the embarassing nose attack will not be commented – too awful ). Where are all these british players, who were beaten unlucky only ?
    Maybe thats the consequence from what happened during WC some years ago, realizing individual old tarts aren´t able to compete a tournament.
    By now, following football for 40 years, I have never seen a german team beating AAA candidates so clearly. And this is the youngest team we ever sent, with no player earning his “Brötchen” in other leagues.
    This laeague might be underrepresented in european football, but sorry to say, this is going to change. You people need to know, that we are participating from the fact of comparable cheap tickets and wonderful stadiums, few violence ( if you cpompare to 70´s and 80´s ) and a long history for most teams playing in the Bundesliga, meaning a strong fan support for teams like Bayern, Hamburg, my Dortmund, Scheisse 04 and even ( today )unimportant teams like Mönchengladbach or Mainz 05. Bundesligas viewers attention is higher than ever, and it is the young ones fascinating, not so much the big stars from rest of the world. This is said not for glorifying purposes, its more to explain my pov, that emglish teams are completeley wrong in implementing “foreign legions” to their teams. You mustn´t loose yor authenticy, you need positive identification about YOUR club. Well, from a german writing, please do not get me wrong. I am supporting Borussia Dortmund, I loved to have players like Julio Cesar ( THE Julio ), Flemming Povlsen, Paul Lambert, Murdo McLeod, Paolo Sousa, Ruben Sosa and nowadays the egyptian Zidan, Nuri Sahin, Nelson Valdez and LUCAS Barrios in our team – but do not loose your measures, maintain potential for identification.
    My theory: all this amazingly well dressed club managers need to vanish now, you dont necessarily need these salaries for showacts like C.Ronaldo, Kaka, Messi, this Anelkas, when they do not believe in a TEAm spirit. Thats what we learn these days, look at Uruguay, Ghana etc. Not sure we´ll beat Spain, they appear like Italy last time, and always a high chance to loose against. Wish you a beautiful stay, down close to the Big 5.

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