Motivation is what you need….

As a long suffering Hammer, one who actually parts with the thick end of two grand a season for the right for two of us to witness the best and worst of the Premier League, I get an email every Monday from West Ham. The wonders of the internet eh?

This is what arrived in my inbox today, and from the words, it really does not look like a ghost written piece on behalf of Avram….have a read and you may agree that Avram’s hand is here.

Dear Andrew

Once again I must hail your fantastic support at our away fixture against Arsenal at the weekend. Many things were very positive at Arsenal. The fighting spirit was good and the players can be proud of the way they played against a very good team.

No one is happy with our position, but at this stage of the season, one win can make the picture look so much different. We are only in November and we know we can do it with the matches we have coming up.

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We have a long way to go. We will pick out the many positives, work hard in training this week and I know we will take points. We had a tough game in midweek but we deserved to win and even though some players played extra time and some were just coming back from injury, they kept going.

I am pleased with their effort. It was just unfortunate there was no time to respond. We tried but from their point of view they scored in the perfect moment. Arsenal are a very good team but we did a very good job tactically.

The difference between us winning games is very small thing. We are doing all the right things. The next couple of months are very important for us and I am encouraged by the performances. It would be different if we were not playing well.

I have watched Arsenal in many games and I think they created fewer chances than usual in this game. We have defended well and to lose in the last minute it is very disappointing.

After a game against a very good team, we can take a lot of positive things from this match and also the Carling Cup win last week against Stoke City. We are not in a situation that we cannot change. We will win games, we deserve to win games and we will try to do that at Birmingham next Saturday.

We are in a good situation in terms of our performances and I really believe we can do it. We have fighting spirit. It was a heroic performance on Saturday and it bodes well for the future.

Thanks again for your support,

Avram Grant


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