#oneaday 24: The Fall of Rupert’s Empire?

My post #24 talked about the impending  implosion within the mainstream media, which was not neccessarily that life threatening all be it still pretty serious. In the fast moving world of the dark arts, our liberty seemingly is actually never respected. The story of the phone hacking scandal at Rupert Murdoch owned ‘News of the World’ has been well covered, admittedly after a very slow start. Unsurprisingly, there has been little or no coverage in the News International owned papers including The Sun, The Times and obviously the News of the World. The vanguard was led by The Guardian and Channel 4, alhough the BBC has now fully got behind the investigation.

To recap briefly on the scandal. A national newspaper, The News of the World has been accused of sanctioning wide spread phone hacking (of people in the public eye) and specifically Andy Coulson, former editor of the paper and latterly communications director at No 10 Downing Street, accused of knowingly allowing this disgusting practice to carry on regardless. Add to this the Metropolitan Police and the Press Complaints Commission’s credibility being seriously called to question and you have a right old caper. And not a very funny one.  When Andy Coulson resigned a couple of Friday’s back there was little media coverage, which has now called into question whether the phone hacking was restricted to the News of the World or actually whether it was and is rife throughout ‘Fleet Street’?

It is good to see the debate now in full flow and I for one hope that the practice of phone hacking is outlawed and ended. Indeed this scandal could strike deep into the heart of the 4th Estate and question the  power exerted in Britain by a foreigner living abroad. The influence of Rupert Murdoch may now be coming under increasing scrutiny and time will tell if the power of the newspapers, not just his, until now peerless and beyond reproach, is beginning to be questioned at long last.  Ultimately, the truth will out.


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