#oneaday 25: Sex discrimination and film awards

So today is the day that The King’s Speech could mop up a fair few BAFTAs and leave the deserving Social Network in it’s wake, at least until the Oscars next month. But the real question for me is why are there still categories that are sexually determined? Why do we have ‘Best Actor’ and ‘Best Actress’ in this day and age? Surely these categories are relics of another age? We don’t have ‘Best Male Director’ we have simply ‘Best Director’ so why bother with ‘actor’ and ‘actress’?

Is it that these categories go back to the days of inequality amongst the sexes, especially in the film industry. The fact was all the jobs were done by men and women only took acting and not technical or craft roles outside costume and make up. Surely now it is the time for all film awards to focus on the ‘best’ in class and ditch the sexual demarcation? Could they, the Academies, do the decent thing and make the changes and bring themselves up to date soon please?

Having said all of that, I still think Colin Firth will pip Natalie Portman to the ‘Best Person Portraying Someone Else’ BAFTA tonight. But in the interests of old fashioned forced equality, Natalie will win her category and Colin will win his one and everyone will put their hands together.


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