#oneaday 34: One nation, one society?

I am never really sure what I thought of Margaret Thatcher. Some of her values worked for me, others simply did not. But she certainly changed the way Britain was run and how all of us lived our lives.  I came across this clip of her being interviewed (check dictionary for the definition of interview) by the inimitable Robin Day on Panorama in 1987 (that was when Panorama was a serious current affairs programme). Check the incredibly patronising comment to Mr Day, but also note the passion and the anger in her eyes. You will also hear her discussing the right of everyone to own their own property, by their own efforts. Sadly, we have seen that concept evapourate somewhat, given the fact that young people cannot actually afford property right now. Building one nation? That theory seems to have gone off the edge of the map right now. Let’s hope we can get it back for the benefit of all of us.


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