#oneaday 47: Internet killed the video star

I must admit I do like to see nature weaving it’s influence in our every day lives. Spring is an amazing time, after months of dullness, we all get a lift when the days get longer, the temperature rises, the sun shines more, the plants start to grow and the dickie birds start to
tweet. You just know that things are changing and the world is literally  growing.

I also like that phenomenon called entropy.  I have always been fascinated by the constant battle between man, and the animal kingdom in general, to create structures only for the elements assisted by the plants to fight back to prove who or what really has the power. We build, but if we do not keep our wits about us, those structures start to unpick and return to dust.

Man has constantly learned about the forces of nature, both constructive and destructive, through adversity. The in built need to
survive drives us not only to seek shelter but to maintain it. We have learned though that design and maintenance without savvy thinking leads to failure and that is what drives us forward and keeps us vital as a race. The survival gene also means we are both fearful and greedy in equal measure, but nevertheless it does mean we are forced to learn. Learning is merely adapting to the power of nature
and using it in a way which allows a better standard of survival. Who really wants to struggle each and every day in their lives merely to survive? Some people in this world, through accident of birth or oppression face that hell daily. Most people in the West don’t face a life and death struggle unless they are badly ill. Our struggles are relative, our pain controllable.

So when the established order, namely that order imposed by man on man, becomes subjected to man’s nature, some call it progress and
others chaos. It is therefore rather amusing that the old order can expend loads of energy trying to push back against ‘progress’, when it should embrace change and use the natural energy to enjoy our very existence more. Teachers of the Martial Arts talk utilise their opponents’ energy to defend themselves. In short they think smart and actually aim to avoid conflict.  But I digress, getting back to building a house, if you build it in a place that just gets flooded all the time, you don’t build flood defences or even pass a law to stop the floods, you move and find somewhere else to live. Or take the risk that one day nature will take it’s course.

So when I read, hear and see that the law makers are getting in a tizzy about so called ‘superinjunctions’ being broken on Twitter
and the old, established media often known as the Fourth Estate, are equally riled because their right to ‘freedom of the press’ is compromised, I do laugh. After all these ‘superinjunctions’ are seemingly  the  vestiges of the rich, allegedly costing £50,000 to implement (son if you want to make a fortune work in money or in the law) and seem to be exclusively
used to keep so called celebrities out of the press, gutter or otherwise,

If our society has learned anything then our politicians and law makers will  learn to embrace these things rather than fight them. The genie came out of the internet bottle years ago. Social networks have allowed us all to chit chat and gossip and exchange information, a bit like we have always done down the pub, but on a globally connected basis. No longer is the dissemination of ‘news’ the divine right of the media. You could argue that newspapers such as The Sun, The News of the World, The Star, The Daily Express and The Daily Mail have blurred the lines between truth and rumour so much in recent years that citizens cannot be blamed for amplifying these stories or indeed making them up for themselves.

As fascinating however, is that the members of the traditional press and media are all calling for these ‘superinjunctions’ to go away, after all some corners of the media relish the power to ‘report freely’. The constant wrangle between what is in the public interest and what is interesting to the public, have blurred the lines. They really don’t want to be held back the poor loves. Equally, their knight in shining armour is not the law makers or law enforcers, but those very same citizen journalists who are held in contempt by some members of the traditional (and regulated) press.

Through the power of Twitter and those who Tweet for fun not money, parts of the Establishment’s legal system has been made to look out of date and completely out of step. Plenty of lawyers are arguing for the right to privacy and plenty are arguing for the right to freedom of information. You just know that if you leave lawyers in charge, you end up with big bills. Meanwhile, it’s Spring time and the birds are tweeting, nature is using entropy to return our man made laws to dust.

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