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#oneaday 33: 3D’s fatal attraction?

I finally got my hands on a Nintendo 3DS this week and boy, what an impressive piece of kit it is. I had the good fortune to play Pro Evolution Soccer and it was magical. Immediate thoughts were simple. I want one of those machines and I want it as soon as I can get my hands on it. Playing PES in 3D on a handheld is a dream come true. It’s like having your own little game of Lilliputian football in the palms of your hands. As I have said before, I think Nintendo will sell millions of these machines and publishers who get titles out at launch could see great sales.

But I have always been worried by the price. Not the price of  hardware though. At around £200, yes it is more expensive than the DS or DSi, but the 3DS is a different ball game and worth the money. My concern has been the content and the pricing and availability of it to consumers who are now used to having massive choice of great handheld content at low, low prices. The unique selling point of the 3DS  is 3D, but at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona  this week, it seems that 3D for Smart Phones is not far away. Like less than 12 months away. LG have a handset which displays and films in 3D. If that is not enough, the common complaint about 3D is that content is simply not available freely. Well a chip manufacturer, Movidius, claim to be able to transform all your 2D content into 3D very easily. Whilst that does not neccessarily mean that 3D gaming content will be a flick of a switch away, it does rather suggest that the mobile world will be delivering 3D devices and content some time pretty soon and prices for that content could be aggressive.

As a consumer you have to love the developments in technology that drive both our leisure and working lives into more interesting places. In a world which has always celebrated miniaturisation, faster speed and more storage space one does wonder if the old fashioned models that some hardware manufacturers insist on persisting with will survive.

It is often said that your competition comes from places you least expect. My take is that the Blue Ocean of 3D in handhelds is already full of clever technology companies swimming around in it. Let’s hope that companies with a great record of content production but who may not be aware of the new methods of distribution don’t find themselves bathing in a Red Ocean.

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#oneaday 13: 3DS – Not in front of the children?

The much wanted Nintendo 3DS


Child’s play. Nintendo have always taken account of children of all ages. Children are a core consituent, always were and always will be. So, does the Nintendo 3DS have an Achilles Heel? It is set to be the ‘must have’ gadget of 2011, but does the news that broke before Christmas, from Nintendo themselves, that the 3DS is not suitable for 6 year olds and under seriously jeopardise the attraction of the device to parents.

According to the Wall Street Journal,  who translated the copy on the Nintendo website Nintendo is warning that, “For children under the age of six, looking at 3-D images for a long time could possibly have a negative impact on the growth of their eyes.”

Losses in translation aside, this could be a pretty major flaw for the 3DS and potentially for the family friendly image of the games industry as a whole.  

Picture the scene:-

‘Little Jimmy (7 years old) – ‘ Mummy, I really want a Nintendo 3DS, my friends have all got them and it is brilliant. Can I have one, can I, can I?’

Jimmy’s mum, ‘Sorry Jimmy, you will have to wait. I heard that the 3D is dangerous and not suitable for your little sister, Gaga, and your little brother Sam’.

Jimmy, ‘What do you mean dangerous?’

Jimmy’s mum ‘There is a warning that this is not suitable for young children’s eyes and may effect them. You wouldn’t want that would you?’

Jimmy, ‘ Noooooo. I really want one, but I guess if Jane and Gaga will get hurt, I will have to go back to my iPod Touch then’.

I for one really hope that this issue does not become a rod by which the games industry is beaten and thanks to Nintendo’s proactive and responsible statement, I don’t think it will be so.  We really don’t want any wags coining headlines about ‘3DS can make your kids blind’ or indeed it being mentioned in the same sentences as ‘mastrurbation’. But I do wonder if this factor will actually inhibit the sales of the hardware and therefore software over the long term, that could be a major blow.

After all, Nintendo has always had children at its heart.

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#oneaday 12: 3D to go: Nintendo strikes again

It seemed like the whole of the UK games industry media along with some developers and most publishers descended on Amsterdam yesterday to get ‘hands on’ for the first time with the hotly anticipated Nintendo 3DS. Sadly, for personal reasons I could not travel, but from those that I have spoken to it seems that the hype lived up to the reality. I have been told that when you get hands on, the 3DS really does deliver an awesome experience. According to Nintendo , the 3DS will ship worldwide in March 2011 and is set to be the biggest hardware launch in their history. Bigger than the DS and bigger than the Wii. For all Nintendo fans and all technology fans, this is surely good news.

I have no doubt at all that the 3DS will sell a huge amount of units. In turn, software sales, which is the real profit driver for Nintendo themselves and third party publishers, developers and retailers, will also have massive potential. After all this is 3D tech, that needs no stupid glasses and is available for $249 plus the cost of games, likely to be $35-45. Alternatively, if you are in the UK it will cost anywhere between £220 – 230 for the system and £25-35 for the games. So compared with a 3D TV set up, this is amazingly cheap, sorry good value. Add to that the fact that Nintendo have also secured a deal with BT in the UK which allows owners to use the BT Wi-Fi hotspots to download content and a struck a deal with Sky which will bring ‘short form 3D content’ to owners. Details on what this actually is are not available, but you could easily see 3D Premier League highlights being made available for a small charge. The target demographic will lap that up, provided the price is right.

But we live in a changed and ever changing world.  This world is connected and we have so much vibrant, exciting, innovative and cool content available to us all that you do wonder if the 3DS has the potential to become truly mass market, the way that the DS did for example. Instinct says it will, but, there are a number of ‘buts’.

In the last 2 years, tens if not hundreds of millions of people around the world have experienced content via their mobile phones. most notably but not exclusively their iPhones. iPhones and iPod Touches deliver a 2D experience, but that experience is fantastic value and often free. And it is really accessible, really immediate and it really works!  With a pretty hefty price tag, the 3DS will still sell and if retailers want margin, then they can try and make some as no suggested retail price (SRP) will be set by Nintendo. Crucially however, if the software and Apps are expensive, when compared with iOS or Android content, even though the experience will be three dimensional, it does beg the question as to whether there is a sustainable market for third party content makers. Let’s hope that the route to market and the associated costs of bringing Apps and games to consumers,  whether as packaged goods or via download, is slick, easy and efficient.

I totally ‘get’ Nintendo’s pricing approach. The 3DS is more expensive than the DS or DSi, but it delivers more. If they set that price, then they should stick to it and importantly make the 3DS aspirational for a generation. Indeed if Nintendo take the approach that Apple have taken, namely one which embraces and encourages third party innovation whilst ensuring that the customer experience online is amazing, then it will be simply brilliant for them, third parties and consumers alike. A win, win, win. Competition and innovation go hand in hand.

If however, they do not learn some of the lessons of the recent past centred around content creation and distribution, then I for one will question the long term sustainability of that universe, outside of the confines of The Nintendo Company of Japan of course.

Must rush, although we have  a test machine arriving next week for the office, I am off to place my pre-order with Game or HMV;-)

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